What Are the 2020 Trendy Colours for Kids?

Kids, during their early years of development, prefer bright coloured clothes. Colour preference, however, changes as they continue to grow. Learn more about trendy colours for kids in 2020.

Colour is a vital aspect of fashion. To keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends for kids, you need to find clothes that have the latest trendy colours. In 2020, kid’s clothes now come in both bright colours and dull hues. Dresses, trousers, shorts, girls pyjamas, T-shirts and jackets are some of the kids’ outfits boasting of trendy colours. From bright to deep dark shades, here is a list of the trending colours for kids in 2020.

7 Trendy Colours for Kids in 2020


Saffron comes as a blend of golden yellow and orange. Lately, models and designers have used this colour on the runway. In 2020, the market has experienced a rise in girls’ clothes bearing this colour. Similarly, saffron boys’ shirts are also available—the saffron shirts or tops pair well with jeans or some dark pants. Additionally, kids can maintain a head-to-toe saffron look. This hue displays a bold touch of style.

Biscay Green

This colour breaks the monotony of the lime green and pistachio shades of green. Biscay green is a cool refreshing shade perfect for kids’ outfits. Despite being a solid colour, it stands out when used to design kids’ T-shirts, classy tops, or skater dresses and skirts. Blending it with a touch of pink gives a more stunning look.

Faded Denim

Faded denim is a shade of blue that pairs well with most clothes. Designers are currently using this shade to make classy kids’ attires. The faded denim outfits range from jeans, shirts, dresses, jackets, and skirts. These outfits may be in ripped, hooded, or stretchy forms as per the trending styles.

Coral Pink

This hue is popular for its feminine look. True to the words, it produces stunning girls pyjamas and other feminine outfits. Additionally, in 2020, fashion designers use it to enhance the look in boys’ clothes. Coral pink in boys’ clothes is seen in bow ties, blazers, or blended with other colours in shirt and T-shirts.


White is a trendy colour that pairs with almost every outfit. It ranges from bright white to shades of oyster mushroom. In 2020, kids are wearing this trending hue in classy tops and T-shirts, bow ties, pants, dresses, and fashion scarves. White shoes and headbands are also a trendy fashion for kids.


Burgundy is a trending colour which comes as a shade of dark red-brown or dark red purple. It is currently visible in most kids’ outfits. It gives boys and girls an elegant look through suits, dresses, or tops. Kids can wear a head-to-toe burgundy look or pair it with other colours.

Sunny Yellow

Sunny yellow is another bright colour that gives a touch of fashion. It works well either as an independent colour or as a combination of other hues.

In conclusion

Kids too can be fashionistas. Help them keep up with these trending colours to maintain their fashion style. Try the trending colours out and give your kids a stunning look.