Advice for new parents to keep their house clean and covid-free

From 2020 and until the COVID-19 pandemic is finally defeated, one of the new things we will have to worry about is keeping COVID-19 from our newborn. The immune system of the baby will be weaker, hence, they will be at a high risk of losing their life should they get infected with the virus. As a result, parents need to do all within their power to avoid the babies from getting the infection. Here is some advice for new parents to keep their house clean and COVID-free.

Minimize visits as much as possible

Normally, when you give birth, family and friends will want to come around to felicitate with you. Even though it is a good thing, for now, you would have to look for a way to minimize those types of visits without offending anyone. Any reasonable person will understand why you are telling them not to visit yet and would know they would have done the same if they were the new parents. You could easily ask them to place a video call to you instead. During the video call, they will be able to greet you and see the face of the baby. With this, the purpose of the visit would be achieved without them having to come around physically. If they want to give gifts, you could ask that they monetize the gift or order from a reputable company that follows the COVID-19 rules.

During the video call

Reduce outdoor movements for people within your house

It is not only those that come into your house from outside that can bring in the virus. If those within your house do not stay indoors as much as possible and keep to the prevention rules for COVID-19, they could bring the virus in. hence, you should encourage members of your household to stay indoors as much as possible. If they must go out, they should follow all rules that should protect them from the virus. One of the major reasons that would make people go out is getting supplies. You could be proactive and think about needs in advance, long before they are needed. Then you can take advantage of online stores and order whatever you need. Ordering in advance will mean that you won’t be in a hurry to get the products, since online stores can sometimes take 3 days or more to deliver. Alternatively, you could pay for same-day deliveries. Before patronizing any company, read reviews about them on to know how quickly they deliver not from what they say but from what other customers that have patronized them experienced. Then you will know if you can wait for that length of days or not. If you want to order baby products, you should see Green Bean Buddy reviews to know if they have the products you need and if they can deliver before you will need the products.

Install a hand sanitizer

Chances are not that you will not be able to stop everybody from coming around. Even if you can, you would not be able to stop every member of your household from going out. Hence, you should install a hand sanitizer at your doorpost. Everyone who wants to go out or come in must sanitize their hands. This will kill the virus on the hand of anybody that could have touched an infected place shortly before visiting. Hence, you will increase the chances of keeping your house clean and covid-free.

Encourage visitors to wear a face mask

Every guest that comes to visit you should be encouraged to wear a face mask. The same should apply for people resident in your house when they are going in. The face masks have been proven to be able to significantly the risk of getting infected or spreading the virus. Hence, ensure that your guests wear their face mask properly throughout their stay in your house especially when they are visitors staying for a few minutes or hours. This might not be feasible if they are going to be staying for days.

Regular tests for people in the house

Any guest coming into the house as well as other members of the house, especially those who have to go to work or go out for other reasons regularly should be tested regularly. You could make arrangements for a weekly test for people in your house. Those who test negative must be immediately quarantined, while those who are negative should continue to take precautions to avoid contracting the virus.