Back Acne Scars

Remedies to Remove Back Acne Scars within Few Days!!

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Back acne is given another name as well which is “bacne”. It means “back acne”. In this article we will discuss about the home remedies which helps in getting rid of back acne scars within few hours.

Four Home Remedies of back Acne Scars:

Home remedies are the custodians of no pain, no chemicals and no artificial mechanism of procedures. Having said so, these are the ways through which one can get rid of several concerns related to skin, bones or the system as a whole. Following are some remedies which can assist in getting cleared of back acne scars.

Remedy 1: Lemon Juice and Back Acne Scars:

Lemon has following characteristics for which it is known:

  • Lightens scars through vitamin C properties.
  • Generates and produces new cells in the body.
  • Gives smoothness and shine on skin.
  • Mike Souheil Home Remedies.


  • First of all wash your back and dry it with the help of towel.
  • Apply lemon juice on the scars which happen to be of blackheads or acne.
  • After leaving it for ten minutes, wash it with clean and cold water.
  • Repeat it on daily basis.
  • Also apply sun blocking cream prior going to the open and exposed areas, like that of beach.

Remedy 2: Olive Oil and Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is best for the following functions:

  • Antiseptic properties
  • Cosmetic cure
  • Anti-bacterial features
  • Anti-fungal characteristics
  • Serves as a moisturizer
  • Also has the potential to reduce and fade scars


  • Take a wet wash cloth.
  • Pour couple of drops of tea tree oil.
  • Clean back acne scars with this wet cloth.
  • Then wait for some time to absorb tea tree oil.
  • Pour two to three drops of olive oil on another wet wash cloth.
  • Clean back acne scars with the oil cloth.
  • Repeat it thrice in a day for at least three to four days.

Remedy 3: Apple Cider Vinegar / ACV:

Apple cider vinegar is also known as ACV. Following are some features which are the best for a human’s body:

  • Anti-inflammation properties.
  • Antiseptic features.
  • Characteristics of healing cells of dead skin.


  • Take apple cider water and water in the same quantity.
  • Use a cotton ball to apply the solution on the back acne.
  • Leave solution on the back for couple of hours.
  • Then rinse it with the help of lukewarm water.

Remedy 4: Tomato Pulp and Back Acne Scars:

Tomatoes contain following features:

  • Anti-acidic properties.
  • Contains bleaching properties.
  • Also helps in reducing scars and marks.


  • Cut tomato in half.
  • Then softly rub it on the affected parts of the back.
  • Let it remain there for fifteen to twenty minutes.
  • Rinse it with lukewarm water.
  • Repeat it once in day, every day.
  • Last Verdict:

All in all these remedies for back acne scars are the real assets for the revival of smooth and shiny skin. You can, in fact must take care of the skin while and prior applying apple cider vinegar. Why? Because apple cider vinegar cures the affected areas of skin. Read More